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How it all started

As a busy neurologist Dr Patrick Aouad witnessed so many people who presented for care with preventable conditions. Almost all of them wished that they had dealt with their symptoms earlier, but couldn’t find the time and just allowed things to build up until their mental and physical health had reached a crisis point. Meanwhile whilst Danny Mann was working within the corporate sector with diverse and hard working teams, it became clear that both he and his colleagues struggled to meet their most basic healthcare needs. It was so difficult to find care during business hours or make it to appointments. Both Pat and Danny knew there were so many excellent healthcare services in Australia – but it was just too difficult to access with busy lives, competing priorities and family commitments.

Together, they set up their first clinic to cater for the local community by understanding which healthcare professionals were required to best serve their needs and invest in being open during hours that provided access after work. But that wasn’t enough. They asked themselves, how could we make our services more convenient and accessible to more people?

Executive Leadership Team

Pat is CU Health’s team captain, CEO, and Co-founder. He has extensive experience as a healthcare company director and advises boards both nationally and globally on digital health innovation.

Pat is the chair of CU Health’s board and clinical governance committee. He heads all aspects of strategic and capital growth, enterprise commercial partnerships, investor relations, and leads healthcare delivery for CU Health.

Pat is a thought leader and keynote speaker on the topic of workplace wellbeing and uses his extensive knowledge in healthcare economics and research to oversee the delivery of Wellbeing Dividends to CU Health’s customers.

Pat is passionate about using evidence and innovative strategies to improve the health of communities. He is also nationally renowned Sydney Neurologist and has been published in many international journals.

Garry is a highly experienced Chief Operating Officer with the skills and experience to ensure CU Health’s model of care and technology, is nationally and globally scalable without detracting from the quality of the services it provides.

Garry has led other companies within the health technology space and CU Health is fortunate to benefit from the depth of knowledge that he possesses.

Garry is a keynote speaker on the art and science of scalable operations and sits on several eminent boards. 

He is a business advisor to the NSW Department of Primary Industries and a graduate of Harvard Business School’s General and Business Management Program with a focus on digital health.

Jessica is a seasoned and highly dynamic commercial leader within the healthcare space.

She has a passion for achieving outcomes that ensure sustainable access to improved healthcare products and services and has over 15 years driving teams within Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

With a PhD and MBA, Jessica combines academic excellence and business acumen to develop scalable solutions and partner with organisations in such ways that ensure the long-term success of CU Health’s platform, and most importantly that deliver the health and wellbeing results we promise our clients and members.

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