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CU Health offsets the burden of poor employee health and wellbeing by delivering evidence-based, convenient expert care through technology to your team. An Australian employee health & wellbeing solution. Our GPs, psychologists, dietitians, and health coaches (registered nurses) work collaboratively so as to ensure each member receives the personalised care they particularly need, no matter how small the concern. In addition to our healthcare services, we also provide webinars and resilience training as well as performance coaching. As a result, every employee has the opportunity to reach their full potential.
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CU Health Case Study

Joe T.

52 years old, Customer Experience Manager

Joe had a tough year. He had gone through a family separation and as a result his general health and wellbeing became a second priority. Consequently, Joe was feeling more lethargic therefore affecting his daily routine and ability to concentrate. Joe had developed a number of other concerning symptoms and to this end was beginning to feel overwhelmed.

When CU Health was offered to Joe, he immediately took the opportunity to have a comprehensive health check. Joe was subsequently diagnosed with diabetes, which came as a shock to him.

As a result of the corporate healthcare treatment plan and support from the collaborative CU Health team, his symptoms improved greatly. Therefter he regained a sense of control of his life. He checks in regularly with the GP and has been able to get his medications without having to take time off work. The weight has lifted off his shoulders after connecting with a psychologist. Joe also has strategies and support from a health coach to assist in managing a challenging time of change.

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Sarah S.

27 years old, Project Manager

Sarah was struggling with her sleep and consequently was becoming increasingly flat and deflated each day. She had fallen into poor eating habits and had also neglected her physical health throughout the pandemic. Her energy levels and focus were markedly becoming a problem. Additionally Sarah really wanted to start planning a family but couldn’t imagine where to begin.

However, with the help of CU Health she was able to take steps toward reaching her goals. Above all, she learnt how to strengthen herself physically, emotionally, and mentally. Sarah received empathetic, evidence-based care from the collaborative team without having to leave her desk. Owing to this, she’s now more energised and knows how to optimise her health and wellbeing to plan for a family. Sarah consequently feels empowered in her personal life and also at work.

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CU Health Case Study
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CU Health is committed to developing and sharing evidence-based insights. Thus supporting decision making when it comes to improving team wellbeing, culture, and performance.

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