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Corporate healthcare that lifts engagement & performance

Evidence based health & wellbeing that seamlessly integrates with the way we work today

A dedicated wellbeing team for your organisation

CU Health elevates your team’s wellbeing and protects your workforce like no other platform.

Our collaborative team of GPs, psychologists, dietitians, and health coaches delivers personalised, evidence-based care through technology.

Beyond healthcare, we offer webinars, resilience training, and performance coaching, empowering every employee to unlock their full potential.

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Member Stories
CU Health Case Study

Joe T.

52 years old, Customer Experience Manager

Joe faced a challenging year with a family separation, neglecting his health in the process.

Feeling lethargic and overwhelmed, he took advantage of CU Health’s comprehensive health check and was shocked to be diagnosed with diabetes.

Through CU Health’s outcomes focussed care model, Joe’s symptoms improved significantly.

Regular check-ins with the GP, convenient access to medications, sessions with a psychologist, and guidance from a health coach have helped him regain control and manage this difficult period of change.

Chronic Disease



Sarah S.

27 years old, Project Manager

Sarah battled sleep issues, poor eating habits, and neglected physical health during the pandemic, leading to low energy and focus.

Eager to plan a family but unsure where to start, CU Health stepped in.

Through remote, empathetic, and evidence-based care at her desk, Sarah learned to strengthen herself physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Now, she’s revitalized, empowered, and equipped to optimize her health for both her personal and professional life, including planning for a family.

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CU Health Case Study
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Insights that make a real difference

CU Health is committed to developing and sharing evidence-based insights. Thus supporting decision making when it comes to improving team wellbeing, culture, and performance.

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