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CU Health is ranked the number one benefit employees receive across member companies

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A healthy workplace can expect a return on investment of $3.50 for every $1 invested

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ARTICLE | Riotact (the-riotact.com)

Business community could play an important role in bridging the gap to better staff health and wellbeing

Vantage Strata on CU Health

” We recognised the urgent need for a comprehensive wellbeing solution that aligned with our commitment to our team.

CU Health transformed our approach by offering immediate and accessible healthcare support.

Our employees have embraced this innovative solution, leading to improved morale, reduced stress, and an overall positive shift in our workplace culture. “

– Chris Miller, Managing Director, Vantage Strata

... We mention the services at each monthly meeting and it’s formed part of our employment offer ...

Cobden Hayson on CU Health

” Very positive thus far. Last week, we had a specific employee issue around mental health, we suggested they tap into the CU health services, which they did and thanked us after the session.

This example was exactly what we had envisaged when partnering with CUHealth as it’s so comforting from an employer’s perspective to be in a position to offer our team access to professional health services.

I know other team members are looking to use the holistic health review and set goals to improve their overall well-being. I’ve heard staff discussing the services around the office, so it’s been a complete net positive thus far and something that we’ll continue to build on.

We mention the services at each monthly meeting and it’s formed part of our employment offer “

ARTICLE | HRD Australia (hcamag.com)

From mining to tech: Hipages group's chief people officer Jodette Cleary

HiPages on CU Health

” We are always wanting to stay leading edge and look after our people.

CU Health’s proactive, holistic approach is revolutionary.

We spend so much time at work. If we can help our people proactively manange their health, it’s a win-win for everybody. “

– Jodette Cleary, Chief People & Culture Officer, HiPages

CU Health offers a tangible and evidence based
Reward & Benefit

The Practice on CU Health

” CU Health is the best employee benefit we have ever had.

It is not only keeping my team healthy and happy, but we have been able to recruit the best talent in the shortest time by offering it as part of our package “

– Jason Cunningham, Co-Founder & Director, The Practice

Saatchi & Saatchi on CU Health

” Being an employer and thinking about the benefits [of CU Health] to my team, there has been less sick leave, and therefore less impact on business.

Choosing CU Health made complete business sense– to care [for our team] and keep everybody working more productively at the same time “

– Louie Skinner, Managing Director, Saatchi & Saatchi

"Great experience!  All doctors are friendly and helped me a lot improving my physical and mental health. Thank you everyone!"



"Very helpful and structured first meeting. I already have a few things I can look to improve on to help me and am looking forward to the next session​."



"CU Health has been great so far. I really like the holistic approach and having a health coach to help me navigate different health services - a one stop shop! "



"Easy technology, great service​."



"Having my first doctor appointment on video chat being at home and no travel was an awesome experience. Dr Dorothy was very helpful in understanding my problems, answering my questions, explaining in detail about the problems and suggesting the remedies."



"I really like the experience of consulting from home and avoid the travel time. It's easy to get a time between the work itself and have the quick discussion then back to work."



"Excellent to finally have the opportunity to get in front of my health​."