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Companies who invest in tangible employee health and wellbeing programs can expect a return of $3.50 for every $1 spent

CU Health is an investment

When employers invest in the mental health and wellbeing of their team, it’s been shown both nationally and globally that a return on investment is realised. CU Health extends upon this ROI, by delivering highly accessible physical care as well. The cost of a stressed or burnt out employee well exceeds the cost of CU Health and with one in three working Australian’s dealing with a chronic illness, real-time support is needed.

We partner with clients to achieve a shared set of goals, we also check-in quarterly and deliver meaningful insights about the health of your organisation and the effectiveness of the CU Health program with a Wellbeing Dividend® Report. We provide opportunities for collaboration and refinement of our service to ensure the best possible outcomes for your team.health

health and wellbeing provider
health and wellbeing provider
Wellbeing Dividends®

The return on investment CU Health will generate for your business

Retaining good talent is the best approach

  • A high-value program builds loyalty & connects employees with employers to create a sense of belonging

  • The benefit of retention reduces turnover costs of recruitment & training

CU Health increases marketability for talent

  • Strengthen your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) with CU Health by positioning yourself as an employer of choice

  • A whole-person wellbeing program reduces the pressure on wage increases

  • Attract well rounded, values-led candidates who are seeking wellbeing benefits in addition to financial remuneration

Become an employer of choice and retain talent

CU Health builds capacity within your teams

  • Increased engagement, focus & drive

  • Improved capacity to cope with stress & change allowing employees to upskill more effectively & adapt to new work environments & technologies

  • Reduced avoidable sick days from work & associated disruptions

  • Significant time-saving due to accessibility of every-day general health services

  • Reduction in workers' compensation claims & care to assist with returning to work

  • Intellectual property held within individuals is maintained with a stable workforce

  • Increased resilience amongst employees at the end of their careers

health and wellbeing provider - trusted partners

When you’re making an investment, you need to make sure it’s with the right partners

We are management leaders with our superior Employee Assistance Program (EAP) of chronic conditions, mental health, burnout, preventative health.

We have a dedicated team focused on performance coaching and wellbeing science that assist with achieving and maintaining an individual’s full potential.

We provide a pool of qualified experts to address long delays to accessing care.

Our philosophy is to provide impartial, qualified and inclusive care. We earn and build trust with our members by proactively addressing their health and wellbeing concerns by enabling them to select their own providers who are part of a consistent and dedicated team.

We have institutional grade backend structures including privacy and data policies, clinical governance and policies and procedures that facilitate the concurrent onboarding of large companies.

High participation equals high returns

We have a multi-chanelled approach to reaching each and every member of your team – we want to uplift the wellbeing of at least 80% of your workforce within the first 12 months.

We can break through the stigma associated with mental health only Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), with a primary focus on whole person healthcare, peak performance and transaction/convenient services (prescriptions/referrals etc).

Every CU Health member is treated as an individual with customised care provided. We connect your employees with the most relevant healthcare professionals to manage their needs.

We do not have a cap on the number of healthcare appointments employees can access, such that we can support your team effectively without limitations and complete all treatment courses.

Stylish and functional platform is purpose built to integrate around an employee’s daily work.

The app is designed to make healthcare convenient and efficient including frictionless onboarding, with clear pathways for every employee from prevention, recovery, and optimisation.

health and wellbeing provider - high participation