Leading Employee Health and Wellbeing Support for Individual Needs

Providing employees with Health & Wellbeing Support across the employee lifecycle

We cover all aspects of a traditional Employee Assistance Program, with in-house specialist psychologists and clinical psychologists available to your team. All Psychologists offer complimentary ‘Meet & Greet’ sessions to make sure they are the ‘right-fit’ to support individual needs.

In addition to this, we bring together an expanded Health care team of GPs, Nurses, Dietitians and Performance coaches. In many circumstances, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are limited by only focusing on the mental-health needs of an individual. In many cases, individuals need whole-person support; including support from multiple healthcare providers.

We support employees by making their lives easier – with instant repeat scripts and referrals accessible on the platform. We also support employees with more complex health issues impacting their work from family planning to managing menopause. 

CU Health combines leading virtual health care with onsite employee health checks - making us a one stop solution for all your corporate health & wellbeing needs.

Corporate Skin Checks & Referrals

Corporate training, including Mental Health First Aid training

Physical Health Checks
(tailored to your workforce)

Flu Shots

Looking at changing or enhancing your EAP?

We know you have a lot of options and that making the right choice is important. At CU Health; we partner with companies to deliver amazing Health and Wellbeing outcomes; and with this commitment we encourage companies with a genuine interest in our services to trial what CU Health has to offer.

Our trials are obligation free and help you make an informed decision on your corporate health and wellbeing supplier. Click here to download a copy of our trial brochure to see what this looks like from a company and participant perspective.