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Protect your future in a new era of employee health & wellbeing

More than a decade ago, the introduction and focus on Health, Environmental, Social and Governance standards within workplaces started to make an impact. Today, companies do not shy away from reporting on these strategies and their impact on the business, communities and people they serve. It is time to add Health to this movement. Explore the current challenges which impact your workforce and which ones you can change with a proper, evidence-based approach to employee health and wellbeing.

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SAVE MY BUSINESS with Dr Patrick Aouad

Pat is passionate about providing care in a way that contributes to both the wellbeing of patients and the productivity of businesses by delivering healthcare services directly to employees in their workplaces. In his chat with Jason, Pat explains his motivation, his approach, and why he believes it’s imperative for businesses to invest in their employees’ wellbeing.

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Healthcare without having to leave your desk

Healthcare without having to leave your desk – Dr Patrick Aouad

In this episode, Pat shares his journey through the healthcare industry. Originally a consulting neurologist, Pat co-founded a medical practice and achieved extensive academic qualifications, including publishing research. He’s since co-founded CU Health, with a vision to bring virtual medical and healthcare support to businesses right to the desktop of employees.

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A Digital Approach to Healthcare

A Digital Approach to Healthcare – Dr Patrick Aouad

Dr Aouad is one of the co-founders of CU Health and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. The company aims to digitise clinical practice. This episode will teach you how digital tools can improve people’s health, and how healthcare can be more effective and affordable if medical professionals worked closely together.

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