Nicole Saliba


Nicole oversees the CU Health dietetics team and runs ongoing professional development and content development initiatives to ensure the best dietetics service is offered to members. She also plays a key role in identifying avenues for diet-based therapy within our multidisciplinary service and provides ongoing education to our healthcare team.

Nicole has had experience working as a clinical dietitian within the hospital setting, in private practice and as a sports dietitian at Riverside BodyScan. In addition to this Nicole is the founder and director of one of the Central Coast's leading nutrition practices, Eatsense. Eatsense has a strong focus on women's and children's health. Nicole has had extensive experience presenting professionally to general practitioners, psychologists, and other allied health as well as the general public and workplaces. She is also the brand dietitian for Activate Foods, a leading healthy ready-made meal delivery company.

Nicole holds a Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics, is an accredited sports dietitian and holds certificates in bone densitometry (DEXA), body composition and in early life nutrition, fertility, and pregnancy nutrition (Nutrition Plus).

Her special interests and passions include gut health, women's health and nutritional psychiatry, cooking, eating, and feeding friends and family.