Dr Alice Shires


Dr Alice Shires is a Senior Clinical Psychologist at CU Health. She brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the team. Alice offers consultation in relation to CU Health’s psychology services and provides support to the psychology team in the form of mentorship and guidance.

Alice Shires is a Clinical and Research Psychologist, Director of the UTS Psychology Clinic, and Senior Lecturer at the Graduate School of Health, University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). She was Chair of the Australasian Association of Psychology Training Clinics (AAPTC) for over a decade, founding board member of the Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA) and is a member of the NSW Mental Health Tribunal and Health Professions Council Australia.

She has worked in Australia and the UK in a wide range of clinical settings involving work with those experiencing trauma and acute mental health as well as pain and sexual health related psychological issues. She has established the Mindfulness-integrated Research Clinic at UTS, and her PhD research includes the efficacy of mindfulness intervention in chronic pain. Alice is a training adviser at the Institute of MiCBT and a senior trainer of MiCBT. She has recently co-authored The Clinical Handbook of Mindfulness‐integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (Wiley, 2018).

Alice completed social work training before going on to complete her BSc Psychology and Masters in Clinical Psychology and more recently completed a PhD in psychology. She has also completed advanced training in the application of mindfulness in therapy.

Alice practices yoga to explore mind and body practices that not only develop physical strength and flexibility but cultivate equanimity and wellbeing. Alice has undertaken teacher training, Yin yoga training as well as restorative yoga. She is interested in the integration of Mindfulness and Yoga and specialises in teaching Yin yoga and Meditation.